Who We Are - Food and Beverage Manufacturing and Engineering Services Provider

Engineering and Design Solutions for Food and Beverage Plants:
Founded in 1996, InLine Automation Group changed its name to InLine Engineers in 2013 to better convey the company's core expertise to the marketplace. InLine is an industry leader in providing engineering and project management services that lead to specialized solutions for the processing, packaging, and facility challenges in the food and beverage industry. We help our clients develop and execute capital projects related to high-speed food and beverage processing and packaging improvements, and our recommendations are based on industry expertise and cross-application abilities.

We are a group of engineering and project management professionals, many with Professional Engineer (PE) and/or Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, committed to helping our food and beverage manufacturing clients meet their objectives relating to their production engineering and food technology.

Our value proposition:

  • Focus: We are an engineering firm dedicated exclusively to the Food and Beverage industry. This is where our expertise, interests, and talents add value to your projects.

  • Competence: Our professional engineering and certified Project Management staff has significant experience in the development and execution of capital projects in food and beverage.

  • Collaboration: We work alongside your engineering and management stakeholders. We are on board to listen, learn, and assist.

Our Mission Statement

To provide unparalleled engineering and project management services for our Food and Beverage manufacturing partners. Using our breadth of experience and expertise, we develop and implement innovative and robust solutions. We work alongside our clients’ engineering, production, and development teams providing an optimal return on investment.

Core Values

  • Collaborative: Our expertise is unmatched and unequivocally adept, though we are never domineering. We listen to our clients’ concerns and questions, so that we can function as an integral part of their team.
  • Versatile: Our employees are not conventional or narrowly focused. InLine’s team members have diversified skill sets and cross-application experience, giving us a competitive edge.
  • Cultivative: Through decades of successful solutions, we have refined our processes to ensure that our services are invaluable, and our efficiency can recoup initial expenses and reduce overall cost.
  • Astute: We’re food and beverage veterans. We have the highest level of industry competence which we channel into helping clients resolve engineering complexities
  • Integrity: We are honest and open as we interface with our clients in meeting their needs. By proving our integrity in our actions, we earn respect in our field.

Why Use InLine Engineers?

Relying on equipment vendors or contactors to coordinate themselves and provide proper installation and integration is one approach, but typically is expensive and inflexible. We represent you to make sure your suppliers serve your best interest. 

InLine Engineers acts as a Force Multiplier – we work with your stakeholders to improve your Engineering bench strength when Capital Projects involving food and beverage production changes or improvements over burden your current staff. After a successful project launch, the temporary cost of our services goes away, allowing you to control your engineering expenses by utilizing our support only when needed. 

We have world class, high-volume production expertise in baking, frozen foods, meat production, cheese, dairy, savory snacks, and beverages, including distilled spirits.

Over our 20+ year history, we have developed and refined a detailed and disciplined Work Flow, which gives us a systematic process in developing and executing capital projects. Our Work Flow is broken into 5 Phases, which allow you to utilize us only as needed. 

  1. Preliminary Engineering/ Budgeting

  2. Detailed Engineering

  3. Installation/ Construction Management

  4. Start-Up

  5. Close-Out


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