Food and Beverage Process Systems Case Study

InLine has knowledge and experience in a variety of Food and Beverage process and packaging applications, including bulk and minor ingredient handling, final packaging and staging. We also assist with projects that center around your facilities and operations. Here are some of our case studies:

ISSUE: Green Coffee Beans- Bulk Automated Unloading Project

The objective of this project was to design a turn-key, automated system for unloading green coffee beans from multi-hopper trailers to a receiving scale hopper approximately 400 ft away at a specified rate, and within breakage quality specifications.

ISSUE: Fast-Track Production Relocation

A client had a fast-track project to relocate production from a co-manufacturer back to one of their own facilities.

ISSUE: Sanitary Liquid Mixing Case Study

InLine Engineers worked seamlessly with a major beverage producer to design, build and test a number of custom sanitary liquid mixing skids for a large project.

ISSUE: New Sanitary Process Room Installation

A "Ready to Eat" process room was required for several new snacks foods in an existing plant.

ISSUE: Beverage Ingredient Dosing Case Study

A client that produces beverages came to us with a request to help develop high speed liquid ingredient dosing, to be utilized in their bottling process, with precise accuracy and reliability.

ISSUE: Food Plant Oil Storage Design Case Study

Over the past several years, most food producers have been moving away from using high saturated fat in their process.

ISSUE: Ice Cream Production Case Study

Our client needed to quickly double the production rate of a successful ice cream product.