Process Evaluation and Improvement

Process evaluation and improvement is second nature to our experienced personnel.  Having been in numerous plants and seen hundreds of production lines nationwide, we know what works well and can quickly spot areas for improvement.

InLine Engineers personnel can come to your plant and make objective measurements and observations on a machine level, a production line level, a plant level or, if appropriate, a multi-plant level. From these observations, the InLine Project Engineers can report problem areas and recommend improvements.

Our experience allows us to analyze production equipment, ingredient delivery and delivery controls, mixing area management, production line consolidations, opportunities for automation of packaging, finished product transport to storage, and overall plant or multi-plant efficiencies.

But our real strength is helping you capitalize on these opportunities.  From our detailed report, we can work with you to develop the best plan to increase your bottom line.  Developing this plan includes analyzing the cost versus the savings for each area of improvement to help you make informed decisions and set priorities.

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